Profiles - June 23rd-July 9th, 2016

Gallery 36 - Minneapolis, MN

Over the past two years life in Cuba has changed dramatically. Renewed relations with the United States and the transitioning of the Cuban government has brought a great deal of attention to the Caribbean island. While the future of Cuba is in flux, the connection to the past is more important than ever for the residents of the island. Historically, this connection has been passed from one generation to the next as a way of survival and understanding of those who came before them. From province to province, different traditions are passed on, each containing lessons and ways of life. In Trinidad de Cuba -- one of the oldest cities on the island -- the cultivation of the land, the ability to reuse and repurpose materials, and appreciate what you have are at the core of those lessons. 

Profiles is a collection of 20 reverse woodcut portraits created by Cuban artist Lázaro Niebla over the past decade. To enhance the audience's experience with Lázaro’s artwork, ephemeral objects collected by the artist, video interviews with subjects from the artwork, a sound installation by the Touch of Sound, and an installation representing a traditional Trinidad street were included in the exhibit.